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Church of the Resurrection Church of the Resurrection

Photo Gallery: New Pictures Photo Gallery: New Pictures

New Pictures
Grilling team
Viewed 110 times
Bring the kids
Viewed 114 times
Record- holder Hal
Viewed 109 times
Beautiful spot
Viewed 142 times
Good friends
Viewed 146 times
Good music
Viewed 147 times
Beautiful spot!
Viewed 145 times
Game time by Mary.
Viewed 153 times
Big catch of the day.
Viewed 156 times
Always: music!
Viewed 144 times
Finished and ready to deliver
Viewed 165 times
Praying over the shawls
Viewed 163 times
Eli Reyes in the pulpit
Viewed 185 times
Pastor Eli Reyes in the Pulpit

Thank you for your awesome biblical teaching, and we are excited to hear more!

Viewed 294 times
Dave Bennett Guest Pastor

Thanks to our brotherĀ in the PCA who is willing to preach during our Pastoral search!

Viewed 266 times
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